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Feedback is a vital aspect of the growth of any company, with them, we know where we are and where users want us to go in terms of expectations and objectives. We will work hard for every improvement and comments you give us since together we can create a quality service and continuous progress. With your opinion, we are sure that we will be the platform with the best party events and activities in Costa Rica. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us in the "Contact Us" section and do not hesitate to visit the "Frequently Asked Questions" section to clarify any questions you may have


Remember that the comments you write should be constructive criticism with the ultimate goal of improving the service. Comments whose objectives are malicious will not be taken into account and are automatically filtered and deleted

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Some of the previous comments


"Great work and extremely quick response. I would definitely recommend it. I would suggest adding a few more events, but I'm sure that they will come in the near future. I definitely know what there is today to do with my friends. This is the best way to know what is going on out there"

Diego Castro Torres


"They have many events within San José and activities to enjoy the nightlife that Costa Rica offers, but I would like people to add more events in Limón where I live, in here we also know how to party and enjoy in a big way"

Trevon Johnson


"Existen otras plataformas que ofrecen algo similar pero no tienen la calidad de este servicio. Es una plataforma relativamente nueva por lo que algunas características y funcionalidades no las poseen todavía, pero estoy totalmente segura que dentro de muy poco las implementarán y de mejor manera, además tienen otras funcionalidades que otros competidores no tienen, por lo que es una decisión fácil.  Cuando no sé que hacer o dónde ir en Costa Rica, utilizo Tafies... "

Ana Castro Vega


"A very professional and enjoyable experience. All the questions I had were quickly resolved. When I mentioned that I would like to have an intelligent event and activity categorization system in the creation, they responded immediately and implemented it effectively. Now my suggestion would be to add the option to see more photos on the main screen, which would allow users to see more about the events I created "

Juan Antonio Rivera


"Excellent platform and great service, when a foreigner arrives in Costa Rica it is difficult to know about the activities that are offered where one is staying. A Costa Rican friend mentioned me about the platform and when I downloaded it I immediately knew about many events near me. This country is very small and the people are very warm so the events that I went to were enjoyed in a big way. I highly recommend Tafies "

Hellen Miller Brown