Our values

Mission statement

Generate moments of enjoyment that endure in the memory of our users, using cutting-edge technology to do it quickly, safely and effectively.

Vision statement

Become a leading company in the entertainment business, being the number one choice in the minds of our users when it comes to having a good time and connecting with other people.

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Revolutionizing the event industry

Tafies is a service created by talented professionals, and the main purpose is to change the "antisocial" aspect of social networks. Our goal is to re-stimulate interactions between people. We work hard so that users can have a level of personalization and detail when choosing the events, activities and social meetings that best suit their passions and interests. It is well known that Costa Ricans have problems knowing where to go and what to do either in San José or in the other provinces of our country. There are endless events that large organizers (some of whom work with us) plan day by day, and those activities do not reach the true potential and greatness that they are capable of, that is why platforms like ours shine a light for the best activities, locations, bars or clubs so that both customers and users can have what they want.

The event industry is valued at billions of dollars, so that its planning and correct strategies must always go towards the future and a better handling of the new technologies. Such activities range from clusters of people in large numbers such as concerts to a small gathering of friends to celebrate an important day. The most popular events include conferences and exhibitions, corporate events and seminars, promotion and fundraising, music and art, sports, festivals, trade fairs, and product launches. So the importance of platforms that establish a good link between those who attend the events and the organizers is growing. In Tafies® our main objective is and will continue to be physical interaction in social gatherings, something that social networks up to this year have been unable to reach 

With our years of experience we know that the initial stage of the greatest events begins with the understanding of who the target audience is and the behavior they possess, knowing about what they are passionate about, motivated and excited. The implementation of state-of-the-art technology greatly helps to manage the aforementioned variables to increase profits and reduce marketing and promotions costs, in addition to improving the planning and carrying out of the activity. Our platform uses artificial intelligence and algorithms specifically designed to find the preferences, interests, and passions of Costa Ricans about festive activities to participate, all in order for users to find in the simplest way the events of the organizers who use Tafies®.

We are what you need

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Adrián Torres

"Live for today, plan for tomorrow, celebrate tonight"

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"Beer is proof that God loves us"

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"You better get this party started"

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“Live life your own way"



"The party don't start 'til I walk in"

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